Vendor/Third Party APIs

Third party APIs are APIs provided by third parties, such as Google, to allow you to access their functionality via JavaScript and use it on your own site.

  • Analytics - Statistics about a traffic, sources, and conversions for web & mobile
  • CAS - Central Authentication Service
  • Maps - GIS and map data
  • MediaCore - Audio, Video, Sound, PDF, and other multimedia stored and used by campus community¬†
  • Photos - Official photos of Yale events published on Flickr
  • Qualtrics - Access your survey data conducted via Qualtrics system
  • Videos - Various (campus, courses, SOM, YSM, YCBA, etc.) video’s published by Yale units on YouTube
  • YODA Project - Clinical research data, project advocates for the responsible sharing of clinical research data, open science, and research transparency.
  • ZipCar - Locations and details of ZipCar fleet on campus