Yale APIs

Review how to use portal to gain access to APIs. Learn how to work with Yale and third party APIs in API documentation section and dive in and play with them directly. For easy way to test and use APIs you may also want to try out Chrome PostMan extension.  

IMPORTANT: iOS 9+ developers using TLS 1.2 require workaround to access APIs. Workaround is listed on the Apple Developer site. 

API Discussion

Talk with others who use these APIs on our API forums. Discuss and ask questions about ones that exist, or request new ones.

New and existing API change requests please use contact us in the footer of this website, it will help us route the request better. Any API Outages can be viewed at System Status page. Please report any outages that impact your application directly to IT Help and Support.

Join Events

Check out the events calendar to find all the training and hackathon events. We will also post registration deadlines if any. Please register early to make sure you have a available spot. 

Upcoming Yale Hack-a-thons: