Enterprise (SOA) Services

The Integration Competency Center (ICC) has delivered 11 Enterprise (SOA) services which offer routinely updated data regarding Yale identities, Chart of Accounts (COA), Roles and Workday Supervisory Orgs.  These are Private APIs that use basic authentication via a service account.  These APIs have specific request and data governance policies. 

People Hub Services

The People Hub is a repository of data about people delivered with the Workday Financials Release 4 functionality for Go-Live in July, 2017.   People Hub data is sourced from IDR, Workday and the Sponsored Identity system on a routine interval and is available to use for Yale systems and application owners.  Several services are available for consumption by applications to get current and future people data, in batches or individually, as well as change history.

  • PeopleService
  • GetPeopleService
  • LimitedPeopleService
  • SearchByIndividual
  • GetAppointmentService
  • GetChangesService

People Hub Services Documentation

Request Access to People Hub Data/Services

General People Hub Data Information

COA Services

The COA Integration Hub is a SQL Server database that contains information about COA segments, hierarchies and other general COA data.  COA data is sourced from Workday on a routine interval and is available to use for Yale systems and application owners.

  • COAValidator (REST and SOAP)
  • COASegmentService
  • GetRoles

COA Services Documentation

Request Access to COA Data/Services

General Chart of Accounts (COA) Information

Workday Services

Supervisory Organizations group employees into a management hierarchy and are a required foundation for Workday HCM (Human Capital Management).  

  • GetSupervisoryOrgs

Workday Services Documentation

Request Access to GetSupervisoryOrgs