Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide authentication to use APIs?

  • Yes, to use APIs you must provide authentication.   We currently require authentication via an API Key or Basic Authentication.  The credentials must be passed as part of the request. 

What is an API Key and how do I get one?

  • An API Key is an alpha-numeric unique key used to access the API data.  The API Key is generated within the Portal Dashboard once APIs are registered with an application. API key may be provided as part of request query to obtain data. 

I am not affiliated with Yale, can I still use the APIs detailed on this site?

  • Unfortunately there is no current way for those outside of Yale to access Yale APIs.  We encourage those outside of Yale to partner with someone internal to Yale to gain access to the data.  If you do not have a Yale contact, feel free to email the Cross Application Platforms team for assistance. 

What is an API Group?

  • An API Group is an aggregation of APIs which share organizational boundaries or support similar business needs.  APIs can be added individually or via API Groups (as available) when creating or editing Applications.