Portal APIs

Portal APIs are internal APIs that are accessed via the Developer Portal.  These APIs require authentication via an API key which is obtained by registering your application and specifying the API(s).  Access to the Developer Portal is limited to individuals with a valid Yale net id.  The Developer Portal also includes the API Explorer tool for developers to try out the Portal APIs.  Go to How-To Info>Testing APIs for more information on how to test APIs.

  • Buildings - Name and location of Yale campus buildings.
  • Course API Group - Course listings and course subjects being taught at Yale.
    • Courses - Returns the public information for course offerings (each course section details) given required API key and subject code.
    • Course Subjects - Returns a list of all the subjects (list of courses) that have offerings in the specified termcode.
  • GatewayServiceMetrics - Gives feedback on published API metrics and performance.