TransLoc (Yale Shuttles)

The TransLoc API provides data about the Yale Shuttle system, including bus locations, arrival estimates, and route information. The TransLoc PublicAPI is a RESTful API which allows you to incorporate real-time vehicle tracking information into your web or mobile applications. It exposes several resources that allow you to access real-time information about transit systems tracked by TransLoc Inc. To access this data please use TransLoc’s API directly.


  • Agencies - list of agencies (Universities) along with their properties. 
  • Arrival Estimates - list of arrival estimates, separated by stops. 
  • Routes - contains a list of routes. 
  • Segments - list of all the segments that are required to visualize routes. 
  • Stops -  list of stops.
  • Vehicles - list of vehicle, their properties and their locations. 








yale string optional Identifies the shuttle agency. . 


41.3,-72.9|5000 string optional Defines the geographic area used to filter requests 


  • The API can return either JSON or JSONP (but not XML).
  • Route segments are formatted as Encoded Polylines – to use segment data, you’ll need to use a library that implements the Encoded Polyline Algorithm Format:
  • The API only accepts connections from one port per IP address – if you try to run multiple instances at once or switch to a different port after connecting first with another port, the API call will fail.
  • For more tips, please see the Readme.