Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

An API is a software intermediary that makes it possible for application programs to interact with each other and share data. It's often an implementation of REST that exposes a specific software functionality while protecting the rest of the application.
APIs can be found under specific categories:
All APIs are listed in alphabetical order:
  • Analytics (Vendor) - getting analytics data from multiple analytics codes to create useful reports
  • Buildings - location of Yale campus buildings 
  • CAS - Central Authentication Service 
  • Courses - Course listings and course subjects being taught at Yale
  • COA Validator External Link Secure - Finance, validates Chart of Accounts number is correct, requires approval request to be submitted, private
  • Cultural Heritage - museums, libraries, and galleries
  • Dining (Vendor) - menus, dining facilities, etc. 
  • Energy - Consumption of various utilities at Yale
  • Events - events data that is part of the Yale Calendar of Events
  • Identity Data Repository (IDR) External Link Secure - People, provides real-time data regarding to Yale identities for high performance applications ie. Yale Directory, requires approval request to be submitted, private
  • Laundry - machines used and their availability 
  • Maps - GIS and map data
  • MediaCore (Vendor) - Audio, Video, Sound, PDF, and other multimedia stored and used by campus community 
  • OrgDirectory - List of Organizations at Yale, contains phone and link to website
  • PaperCut - locations of printers around Yale campus 
  • People Hub Data & Technical Documents External Link Secure - People, provides (daily) updated access to data regarding Yale identities for most applications, requires approval request to be submitted, private
  • People Profiles - Provided by Yale School of Medicine (YMS) is people profile system
  • Persistent Linking Service Secure [Under development] - ability for Yale to create, read, update, delete permanent links (Handles) used in publications to websites, web pages, online resources. 
  • Photos (Vendor) - Official photos of Yale events published on Flickr
  • Qualtrics (Vendor) - Survey system adopted by Yale, allows for access to data
  • SAML Authentication - Ways to integrate Yale SAML authentication with your applications and services 
  • System Status (ITS) - Data feed providing information on active, scheduled, and archived system outages
  • System Status v2 (ITS) - Information on active, scheduled, and archived system outages
  • University Messages - Official Messages from Yale University
  • Videos (Vendor) - various (campus, courses, SOM, YSM, YCBA, etc.) video's published by Yale units on YouTube
  • Yale Shuttles (Vendor) - bus routes and near real-time bus location provided by TransLoc
  • YODA Project - clinical research data, project advocates for the responsible sharing of clinical research data, open science, and research transparency.
  • ZipCar (Vendor) - locations and details of ZipCar fleet on campus

For additional data requests please contact our support team.