How to use


API Portal provides access to data available via Yale Web Services (Buildings, PaperCut Printers, etc.) and Third Party Web Services (TransLoc Buses, YouTube Movies, etc.).
To access Third Party Web Services visit specific data section of the API documentation and follow links to guides provided by these vendors.
To access Yale Web Services you will login with your Yale NetID to portal dashboard and register your applications to obtain API key to use. Following are detailed steps to help you become more familiar with dashboard, managing your applications, and reviewing usage and performance metrics

Access API Portal Dashboard

1. Login securely with Yale NetID using the login link on top right corner
Yale Login
2. Upon login, logout button appears in place of login, user photo & name, and dashboard button appear. 
Dashboard Name
3. Following dashboard will appear, to which you are able to add various widgets  


4. Left menu that appears provides access to various dashboard tools

Dashboard Menu
  • DASHBOARD - Main view of applications, apis, etc. 
  • APPLICATIONS - Request API by Key by adding your applications 
  • ANALYTICS - API & Application Reports
  • MY PROFILE - Ability to add photo to your personal profile 

Register Applications to Obtain API Key

1. From left navigation menu select APPLICATIONS to manage applications. 

Manage Applications

2. Click "Add Application" in bottom right corner to add your application. Each application should be added separately. 

3. Fill in completely all fields for Application Information

Application Information

4. Select "API Management" tab and select APIs that will be used in this application. Multiple APIs can be added.

Application APIs

5. For each application please review and accept the terms of use. Application terms of use may varry. For instance some APIs may require NetID login. Other terms may not allow to store data within the application only to cache it for duration of user session. Developers accepting terms are responsible for proper implementation and should make Software Architects and Quality Assurance teams aware of the terms. 

API Terms of Use


6. Select "Save" to save application and obtain API Key that will be listed next to the application name for use with this application. 

Get Reports for API & Application Metrics

1. From left menu select Analytics to view sub-menu.


2. API Reports provides Usage and Latency metrics for APIs selected over selected time frame. 

API Reports

3. Application Reports provides Usage and Latency metrics for Applications selected over selected time frame. 

Application Reports

4. Usage Reports allows for export / download of metrics.